martes, 13 de abril de 2010

My family and Irlanda ,Ireland....

My family is very special for me ...

buy the of my family es my SON , I am independent woman. In my free time I play soccer with my son. I work travel agency with sisters and mon. my mon is good person and very best friend...

Irlanda , Ireland

Is very attractive place to vacation and to learning english. its beaches are beautiful but the weather is too cold for me. The main airport in the country is located about 30 minutes away from the capital city Dublin. Trasportation there is clear and safe. ist all of the families speak english, a moyority of the families live in apartment and sometime by travel in train...

martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

My Neighborhood. Monte Claro

I live in an apartment building in monte Claro neighborhood. It´s near URBE, there´s too much traffic buy there´s a lot of transpotation . There are two schools near my house. There are no parks nearby.
I have very nice neighbours. we don´t have litter problems. I like my neighborhood

martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

Today`s Trends

VALENCIA: Language spanish, housing aparment, transportation bus,wife works office,children yes.
CARACAS: Language spanish, housing aparment, trasnportation subway,wife works office,children yes.
MARACAIBO: Language spanish,housing house, tranportation bus,wife works office, children yes.
All of the families speak Spanish
Most of live in apartment
All of the families have children
Most of travel by bus
All of the families have a working wife

Today`s trends

martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

Unsolved Mysteries. Danilo anderson

Anderson was born in Caracas, and graduated in law from Central University of Venezuela in 1995, specializing later in criminology and environmental law. He worked as a lawyer for several firms, and was a general tax inspector between 1993 and 2000. He was the first official to bring a case for environmental offenses in Caracas. According to El Nacional (an anti-Chavez publication), Anderson described himself as a radical leftist. Whatever his politics may have been, he was perceived by many as one of the brightest and best of the Attorney-General's team of prosecutors. His murder shocked Venezuelan opinion across the political spectrum.

The investigation into who masterminded Anderson's murder is ongoing and has become one of the most controversial topics in Venezuelan politics. Investigative journalists from media opposed to the government have reported a number of apparent irregularities in the investigation.

Unsolved Mysteries. La vieja de Los Magos

This story is recent, and for some people this story is either boring or annoying already due to the fact that the press really talked about it. the main character af this story, according to Panorama is named Carmen Daria de Bracho, who died in 2001. she was recorded in 1997 by his grandson and nephew in one of those many tantrums that the old woman had.
In the recording is heard a whole repertoire, to call it that way somehow, of expression widely used by Zulianos. The recording spread out like wildfire last year in Maracaibo, between ringtones and a number of versions, including rap, on compact disc in the fea market and there is even a film of it

Unsolved Mysteries. Casa de la Capitulacion o Casa Morales

Casa de la Capitulación o Casa Morales

This historic place is one of those places that people of Maracaibo know a little about its existence. it was built in the eighteenth century and its value is that it was the place where the last spanish captain general in Venezuela capitulated after the naval battle of lake Maracaibo (because of that got the name house of capitulation).

Relatives of those who currently own in the form bailment (the Academy of History and the Bolivarian Society) claim that in certain times of day and especially at night, wandering ghosts calling for his soul. They say that these apparitions are slaves and servants mistreated and even killed in contruction during the colonial era. Perhaps would have some appeal and that people would start to come and visit.